The product line I.C.E. Cord presents is of the highest quality and ingenuity. We carry the standard singlewide or doublewide paracord bracelet. We also have a survival bracelet that deploys in less than five seconds! The singlewide survival bracelet has approximately eight feet of cord and the doublewide survival bracelet has roughly sixteen feet. We are excited to present the Melt line of survival bracelets and key chains that you will not find anywhere else! We also carry double and single point rifle and shotgun slings. We have flashlights with paracord lanyards, magnesium fire starters and paracord watches. Our selection of products and colors is huge!

 Made from 100% heavy duty nylon material. It is a 7 strand core and 550 LBS strength tested, Measuring in at 5/32" diameter. Type III commercial. Top quality craftsmanship. Lightweight, strong, and Durable. Quick drying and will not rot or mildew.


Want to design your perfect Survival Bracelet? Check out our Paracord Bracelet page and start your para cord design today!

ICE Cord Paracord Survival Gear                         

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