About us

I.C.E. Cord is an amalgamation of experience, knowledge, and.... para-cord. This company was built by and for the prepared. We take pride in handcrafting our products using 550 paracord made right here in the U.S.A. There is something to be said about I.C.E. Cord, we walk the walk and tie the knot. Our outdoor experience is measured in decades not years.


At I.C.E. Cord we truly believe in being prepared. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and the knowledge that is needed to survive. Having a valuable tool like paracord with you at all times is one thing. Knowing how to use it is another. We encourage developing your knowledge and skills. That is why we draw from our experiences to provide instructional videos and documents.


The owners of I.C.E. Cord are tried and true Colorado mountaineers. Their stomping ground is the Rocky Mountains but they're well traveled too. Their expeditions span decades and the continent. They have sailed the Florida Keys and spent weeks in the New Mexico back country. They have seen the lows of the Grand Canyon and the highs of most of Colorado's fourteeners. They have spent several weeks at a time navigating the boundary waters and puddle jumping the backwoods of Manitoba. They are experienced hunters and anglers as well. Their mileage is in the thousands and the nights under the stars could be measured in years.


No matter where their adventures have taken them over the years they always had para-cord in their packs. Today, they don't go anywhere without a little bit of paracord and I.C.E. Cord provides an easy way to do that. Stay safe and prepare for life because life happens.

About our product

The name says it all! I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) and Cord AKA paracord (550 lb. tested Parachute Cordage). We hand make custom survival wear, paracord bracelets and paracord accessories. Our product line is composed of various applications to carry compact and light weight lengths of paracord with you everywhere you go. That way you are staring an emergency or survival situation dead in the eyes you will be prepared. The uses are endless and so is the regret when you are caught without paracord when you need it!



At I.C.E. Cord we only use paracord manufactured in the U.S.A.! Our manufacturer states:

"Made from 100% heavy duty nylon material. It is a 7 strand core and 550 LBS strength tested, Measuring in at 5/32" diameter. Type III commercial paracord. Top quality craftsmanship. Lightweight, strong, and Durable. Quick drying and will not rot or mildew."



The product line I.C.E. Cord presents is of the highest quality and ingenuity. We carry the standard single or double wrap paracord bracelet. We also have a paracord bracelet that deploys in less than five seconds! The singlewide survival bracelet has approximately eight feet of paracord and the doublewide paracord survival bracelet has roughly sixteen feet. We are excited to present the Melt line of paracord bracelets and key chains that you will not find anywhere else! We also carry double and single point rifle and shotgun slings, paracord belts for the ultimate survival preparedness, and Boonie hats with a paracord band for the outdoors man. We have flashlights with paracord lanyards, magnesium fire starters with paracord, and watches with paracord straps. If you need an easy and convenient way to carry your camera or binoculars try out a paracord wrist lanyard or neck lanyard. We also have paracord Bow wrist slings for the bow hunter and duck calls for the water fowl crowd. Our selection of products and colors is huge!


If there is an idea or special product we can make for you, please, let us know.



By now you realize that we use the highest quality material and make our products with pride by hand. Now, what exactly is paracord used for? Well, anything and absolutely everything! Paracord was developed for the United States military as parachute cord and it didn't take long for G.I.s to realize that usefulness in many applications. Since then campers, backpackers, hunters and many others have been using paracord for building shelters and tying down tents. Throwing a bear bag up or a clothes line to dry your duds freshly washed in the river. You can strap things down to a pack or a truck. In survival situations you can pull out the inner strands to use as fishing line and then make a bow drill for fire starting that will cook up a tasty little treat. Then after the meal if you got a fish bone suck in your teeth you can use the inner strands as dental floss. Medical emergencies sometimes necessitate the need for a tourniquet. You will have the means to stop or slow the bleeding that could be the difference between life or death. The list goes on but you get the idea!


Coming Soon.... Instructional videos and documents!