Melt Quick release paracord bracelets                   


My wrist size is:


My wrist size is:
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Our MELT paracord survival bracelets are a great low profile option to carry a valuable tool with you and deploy in seconds. Single wide paracord survival bracelets have approximately 1 foot for every inch size. This means that your survival bracelet will pack around 8 feet of 550 paracord for a size 8. Our doublewide paracord MELT bracelets have twice the amount of paracord and also deploy in seconds!
Color options and example schemes for your paracord bracelet are shown below. MELT bracelets only come with the I.C.E Knot to give your paracord bracelet the maximum versitility

 Find the size for your paracord bracelet by Cutting a half inch wide strip from a letter sized piece of paper. Wrap it around your wrist and mark the intersection. Measure this length on a ruler. Choose your size using this number, we make the bracelet a bit larger in length to accommodate the thickness of the cord. If you would like a looser fit, let us know at checkout in special instructions.