Terms Disclaimer

ICE Cord works hard to make your experience a good one. In order to help us help you, please read the following terms and disclaimer.

Read the sizing instructions. It costs you time and frustration, costs us money time and frustration to have to make another hand made custom item that fits just you because it doesn't fit. So please be sure to read the sizing instructions and follow them. For exchanges we do charge a $5 fee to cover the costs of shipping.

Please don't do anything stupid. 550 cord has a 550lb tensile strength. That does NOT mean you can use it as if the working load was 550lb. The working load is much MUCH lower so please don't try to rock climb with it or anything else that your mother would shake her head at.

Our bracelets, particularly with shackles do NOT have a safety feature. This means it wont break off of your wrist before your wrist breaks. Use common sense and don't wear it in any situation that would ever possibly put you at risk, even if that possibility is remote.

A little common sense goes a long way. Use it....